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SUBJECT: 100 HP Megagrinder wet slurry dispersion pump prepares finely dispersed fluids at 500 gallons per minute.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer and distributor of specialty high capability mixing, homogenizing, grinding and size reduction equipment is proud to announce the availability of a new 100 horsepower ARDE Megagrinder that is capable of dispersing solids into liquids at flowrates of 500 gallons per minute and higher. The Megagrinder is utilized in a wide variety of chemical industry applications including the deagglomeration of polymer resins, the maceration of fermented seaweed, and the dispersion and viscosification of viscosity adding powders such as Xanthan Gum, CMC, polyethylene oxide. The Megagrinder utilizes a unique three prong impeller with heavy duty rows of teeth that mesh on 6 separate rows of additional teeth that are installed into the liner of the pump housing. The tolerance between the teeth is 0.030 inches and extremely high shear rates in the 32,000 reciprocal second area are obtained. These high shear particle size reducing shear rates occur 324,000 times per minute as the impeller passes through these zones at more than 4,700 feet per minute. The Megagrinder is the most heavy duty fine grinding device that is available today. This unique machine is still under patent protection and cannot be obtained from other sources. Extremely heavy duty and reversible teeth are built of 17-4 PH hardened stainless steel. These teeth mesh at an extremely fine tolerance to produce the shear rates capable of doing finer grinding and emulsification along with heavy lump crushing applications. Arde Barinco has a complete testing facility and also has Megagrinder units available for field trials.