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ARDE Barinco, Inc., is an American manufacturer of specialty mixing, grinding, dispersion, emulsification and size reduction equipment that is supplied to a variety of industries including specialty chemical, polymers, cosmetics, processed foods, environmental, paper, pharmaceutical, adhesives, coatings, and textile industries. ARDE Barinco is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARDE, Inc., which stands for Aerospace Research Development Engineering. ARDE, Inc., is an American manufacturer of pressure vessels and propellent management systems for the aerospace industries. Both corporations are located in a 60,000 square foot facility in Norwood, NJ. ARDE Barinco also has strategic alliances with companies that manufacture high capability special mixing equipment in Germany and Mexico. ARDE Barinco, Inc., operates a fully equipped pilot testing facility in Carlstadt, NJ. Technically trained factory representatives are located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe and an increasing number of other countries where the process equipment is required.

The corporate slogan of ARDE Barinco is "Finding Solutions to Mixing Problems". Our test facility and extensive pool of equipment available for loan at customer facilities are utilized to prove out applications that include the dispersion of fine solids, the emulsification of immiscible oil and water phases, the dispersion of liquids into powders for granulations and drying applications, the de-lumping of slurries in polymer manufacturing and environmental fuel areas, and the dispersion of colors for textile printing applications. ARDE Barinco process engineers are skilled in the application of their machines to provide an economically justified capital investment that will yield increased productivity, improved quality, and labor savings.


The Reversible Homogenizing mixer is the original high capability product line of ARDE Barinco. This rotor stator/high shear mixer emulsifier disperser is capable of drawing in and wetting out solid powders and also emulsifying the immiscible liquid mixtures down to the single micron area. It is extensively used in cosmetic and pharmaceutical manufacturing, dye and pigment manufacturing, and textile printing among other applications.

The ARDE Dicon In-line Dispersing Grinder is a continuous slurry grinding/dispersing/emulsifying machine that also pumps. The Dicon utilizes a unique 3-prong helical toothed rotor that meshes into a multi-level toothed liner to provide high shear mixing and emulsification along with the capability to rip, shred, and pulverize lumps of solid materials that are contained in liquids. Applications include polymer dissolving, resin de-lumping, and production of invert emulsions using the recirculation technique. For heavy duty industrial applications, the ARDE MEGAGRINDER utilizes the Dicon concept in an efficient hydrodynamically designed configuration that is capable of withstanding the exceedingly-heavy duty requirements of the environmental, paper, and heavy chemical industries.

The ARDE Dispershear is capable of dispersing difficult to wet out powders such as Carbopol, CMC, Guar Gum, alginates, pre-gelatinized starches, polyethylene oxide, polyacrylic amides, and many other powders that form sticky lumps when inefficient dispersion techniques are utilized. Processed food and personal products applications abound with this very capable specialized dispersion device. The Dispershear is a low horsepower, low shear machine that efficiently disperses the powders without causing any damage to shear sensitive materials. Significant time savings and product raw material savings result.

The ARDE MAXIMIXER is a multi-shaft, multi-viscosity capability mixing system that combines scraped surface agitation, intermediate auxiliary blending capability, and high shear rotor stator dispersion in one sealed and controllable process vessel. ARDE Barinco has a Model MXM-100 pilot unit in Norwood, NJ, that can provide continuous and instantaneous feedback as to mixer RPM, mixer power draw, pressure, temperature and viscosity that is all measured on a computer screen and computer memory for later utilization in scale-up calculations. Difficult and critical mixing applications are the forte of the ARDE MAXIMIXER system.

The ARDE Double Helixx is an industrial double planetary helical mixer for the very highest viscosity mixing, blending, and dispersion applications. For the mixing of polymer and epoxy modified cements, high viscosity sealants, dual phase epoxy systems, and many other high viscosity and high density mixtures, the Double Helixx provides positive pushing and movement of heavy products in all sections of the process vessel.

The ARDE Cavitron is an extra high shear rotor/stator that uses a unique configuration of chambers and pumping blades to pressurize small portions of the process stream and then provide cavitational pressure release as high as 500 million times per second. Fine grain emulsions, fine dispersion, and high energy input dissolving and de-fibering applications are the main justifications for Cavitron technology.

ARDE Barinco is proud to announce the formation of a partnership with the manufacturer of Ram Mixers, the Sivalco Company of Mexico. This completely integrated line of portable propeller mixers and axial and radial flow turbines includes the hydrodynamically designed Hyperfoil impeller design.


ARDE, founded in 1952, produces highly engineered products such as propellant and gas pressure vessels for satellites, launch vehicles and astronauts' breathing systems. Through its subsidiary ARDE Barinco, we manufacture mixers and dispersers. ARDE manufacturers its products in a modern 60,000 square foot facility located in Norwood, NJ, and distributes its equipment world wide. Sales exceed $12,000,000 per year.

In 1973 ARDE, Inc., purchased a controlling interest in Barrington Industries, an innovative manufacturer of high shear rotor/stator batch mixers. These mixers were invented by the founder of Barrington Industries, Dr. Leslie Balassa.

The early years of ARDE Barinco were devoted to supplying the batch REVERSIBLE HOMOGENIZING mixer to the textile printing and carpet printing and dyeing industries along with early work in the food, pharmaceutical and chemical industry.

In 1979, ARDE Barinco, Inc., began building the ARDE DICON in-line grinder, disperser mixer. The Dicon in-line machine allowed ARDE Barinco to effectively market to the polymer manufacturing, agricultural chemical, pharmaceutical and food industry.

In 1983, the ARDE DILUMELT patent rights were obtained. The DILUMELT had excellent applications in the processed food industry in the making of sauces, syrups, pet foods, preserves and specialty products with high concentrations of food gums. Other market areas include cosmetic, personal care products, plastics, agricultural chemicals and paper industry applications. The name Dilumelt was changed to DISPERSHEAR in 1993.

In the late 1980's and early 90's, ARDE Barinco, Inc., saw accelerated growth in all markets. The most exciting new market was hazardous waste treatment facilities. The Dicon was used to incorporate oversized solid materials into a liquid fuel suspension that is used as a fuel for cement kilns.

Several new products were developed and made ready for marketing in the 90's. ARDE Barinco invented the patent applied for ARDE VACUUM DILUMELT. This machine is capable of dispersing powders into liquids and deaerating at the same time. A Model 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER was introduced in June 1991 that was capable of grinding and pumping at high flow rates up to 3,500 liters per minute. Finally, ARDE Barinco has introduced the new MAXIMIXER multi shaft mixing system that combines the versatility of reversible axial flow mixing systems with scraped surface agitation in a pressure/vacuum-sealed vessel.

The Model 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER received its patent protection in 1992. Significant installations in PVC resin manufacturing, hazardous waste fuel blending, Xanthan Gum fermentation, high strength polymer resin manufacturing, and other significant markets have been penetrated. Significant potential in pulp and paper, paper recycling, pigment manufacturing, waste water treatment, and the oil field services industry are presently receiving market effort.

The ARDE MAXIMIXER system with digital parameter measurement system was installed in the ARDE pilot plant in 1992. A number of very successful tests preparing deaerated gel style products lead to the sale of the first prototype pilot plant unit and a subsequent sale of five 1,000 liter units that were installed in four different countries for a major multinational firm. A new pilot plant MAXIMIXER is available for trials in our demonstration facility.

Two strategic alliances were initiated in 1992 bringing on the CAVITRON high energy cavitational homogenizer and the high viscosity DOUBLE HELIXX mixer. These new products allowed ARDE Barinco to provide finer dispersion and emulsification equipment than their Dicon, and to handle mixing at viscosities of paste consistency with the Double Helixx mixer. The mixing impellers for these two special units are imported from Germany. ARDE Barinco completes the assembly and fabrication of the Double Helixx and Cavitron units in the United States with United States electrical and power train connection components.

The first order for the ARDE DOUBLE HELIXX was for quantity 15 units supplied to a major, well-known aircraft manufacturer on a two-part epoxy adhesive mixing application. Double Helixx mixers have penetrated markets including adhesives, viscous foods, radioactive waste treatment, high viscosity coatings, casting mixes and others.

The ARDE CAVITRON is the highest shear device offered by ARDE Barinco. With units that operate at 7,500 RPM and also 12,000 RPM, the finest dispersions and emulsions can be obtained. In addition, the Cavitron is often utilized as an instantaneous chemical reactor where chemical reactants are metered directly into the high shear rotor/stator zone. Specialty polymer manufacturing, agricultural emulsions, pigment manufacturing, fine metal dispersions, and other markets have been successfully penetrated.

In 1994, the private ownership of ARDE, Inc., and its fully owned subsidiary ARDE Barinco, Inc., instituted an employee stock ownership plan. This plan is controlled by federal law and has the continued oversight of the original owners of ARDE, Inc., and our financing bank. Employees receive shares of stock in the company in lieu of previously distributed profits. A portion of company profits are also reinvested in research and development to assure the continued growth of both companies. Employees receive stock based upon their annual salary as compared to the entire salaried pool of the company.

A significant market developed during the 90's was for the Model D-6000 Dispershear preparing batter that is applied to frozen french-fried potato products. Successful installations have been made in five countries. Continued expansion in this value-added product has provided good growth for the Dispershear line. This industry has instituted the loss in weight feeder concept to maximize throughput and long term running reliability.

In the spring of 1995, ARDE Barinco held a two day open house that was the most successful promotional and training exercise ever made by the company. All of our representatives sent personnel for an all day "hands on" training session where every single item of ARDE Barinco equipment was installed and running. Tests utilizing the MAXIMIXER, Double Helixx mixers, Reversible Homogenizers, the ARDE Dicon In-Line Dispersing Grinder, ARDE Dispershear and the ARDE Cavitron were completed. This training session coincided with the pharmaceutical equipment show in New York City. ARDE Barinco invited customers and prospects that might be visiting that show to attend a second all day "hands on" seminar. Thirty-six clients gave us their entire day and their undivided attention for an intense 6-1/2 hour session on ARDE Barinco capabilities. Subsequent Demo Days sessions were held in 2001 and 2003.

In 1996, ARDE Barinco developed the CJ-50 and CJ-75 series of the Reversible Homogenizing mixer. This mixer produced significantly increased pumping flow rate while at the same time providing the necessary high shear rates for the dispersion and emulsification applications that can be accomplished utilizing the Model C-1, C-2, and C-3 series. The CJ-50/75 series can be built with all stainless contact and non contact parts for the requirements of the sanitary process industries including beverage manufacturing, personal care product manufacturing, and pharmaceuticals. Significant penetration in the beverage bottling area including into both of the number one and number two companies along with other separate franchisees has been accomplished.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., designed and implemented its world wide web site at in 1997. The web site provides for the dissemination of information to our prospects along with a method for prospects to submit information and questions directly to us via a specification sheet on the web. There have already been sales that originated directly from this Internet web site. ARDE Barinco is constantly revamping and updating the appearance of its web site to meet with the new available HTML technologies. In 2002, all spare parts were made available with an on-line ordering system that is capable of accepting credit card payments.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., maintains a representative sales engineering force of 18 companies located throughout the United States, Canada, Puerto Rico, England, Belgium, the Netherlands, Philippines and Australia. A major training session was held for European representatives in Kortrijk, Belgium in June of 1998.

In 1999, ARDE Barinco developed the new Powder Induction Device feature for the Reversible Homogenizer mixer. This gives the processor the ability to draw powders directly out of containers into the high shear zone of the mixer. Complete mixing is accomplished before any powder dusting or agglomeration problems are allowed to occur.

During the late 1990's and early on in 2000-2002, sales in Mexico were substantially improved through our new representative in Mexico, Sivalco. This representative is also a manufacturing company that is building an integrated line of axial and radial flow turbine and propeller mixers under the RAM Mixer name. In 2003, ARDE Barinco elected to accept the distributorship rights to RAM Mixers in North America.

In the spring of 2001, it was decided to hold another DEMO DAYS exhibition for field sales engineers and also interested clients. The new Model CJ-75-2 equipped with Powder Induction Device was demonstrated along with all of the five other ARDE Barinco models of equipment. DEMO DAYS was again held in May of 2003 when we demonstrated the new Model D-6006 Dispershear capable of producing 40 feet of vertical discharge head at 50 gpm flow rate while dispersing difficult powders such as Carbopol, Xanthan Gum and polyethylene oxide. The most recent DEMO DAYS was held in May 2005. The new Model D-6000 with 10 separate design enhancements was shown along with the new Model CJ-4E laboratory Reversible Homogenizing mixer with totally enclosed fan cooled motor and power lifting device option. In early 2002, the first Bulk Mixer type system which utilized two Model 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER units was installed and operated successfully on a deep water oil drilling platform in the Gulf of Mexico. The second deep water drilling platform installation was started up in 2005 on a BP platform. In 2006, a land based system was started for an African location of Chevron.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., realizes that new markets for existing equipment, and also new and improved equipment for existing markets, are required for continued growth and success. Significant markets developed in the late 1980's such as hazardous waste and in the 1970's such as textile printing are no longer providing the majority of sales for ARDE Barinco. We realize that new markets must be developed and our present emphasis is in the finding of these new niche market applications for our high shear mixing and lump grinding equipment. There is significant potential in oil field services, paper industry, polymer resin manufacturing, food processing, and continued growth in personal care products such as hair care gels, creams and lotions, sun screens, make-up manufacturing. With the continued support of ARDE, Inc., ARDE Barinco expects to continue growth in the new millennium.