Item #: 2 Million cps. mixer - Double Helixx
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SUBJECT: 2 Million cps.Mixer

Double Helixx Mixer

Accomplishes 100,000 to 1 Viscosity Ratio and 6,000 to 1 Weight Ratio Dispersion In Two Minutes.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer and distributor of high shear mixing, dispersion, and emulsification equipment is proud to announce the availability of a video tape showing the mixing capabilities of the Model DH-201 ARDE Double Helixx mixer. The Model DH-201 is a high viscosity mixer that utilizes dual intermeshed spiral/helical mixing tools that travel in a planetary fashion throughout all areas of the mixing drum. The mixing tools are adjusted to come close to scraping the side walls and bottom of the mixing drum. A video tape record of a recent test showed the dispersion of a very small amount of color concentrate dye into a stiff gel that exceeded 2 million cps. The Model DH-201 is a complete batch drum mixing system that includes control panel for controlling the medium and high speed capability of the Double Helixx mixing tools along with the planetary action, and the automatic raising and lowering of the mixer in and out of the drums. A guard prevents the operator from ever contacting the mixing tools. Safety interlocks prevent the tools from operating wheneve the mixer is raised. In addition, a surrounding guard is equipped with contact sensors that immediately stop the lowering of the mixer if anything gets in the way.