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ARDE Barinco, American manufacturer of sophisticated mixing, dispersion, emulsification and size reduction equipment, has moved to a new facility in Norwood, NJ. This plant more than doubles their previous manufacturing space formerly in Mahwah, NJ. Included in the new facility is a large mixing applications test laboratory and pilot plant with capabilities of performing mixing tests from 1 liter laboratory scale all the way up to 1,000 gallons. ARDE Barinco, Inc., is a subsidiary of ARDE, Inc., a manufacturer of all metal and composite propellent and pressurant tanks for the aerospace industry. ARDE Barinco has seen continued sales growth in the last several years in the chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, cosmetic, food and coatings industries served. This was one of the main reasons to expand our facility. ARDE Barinco manufactures unique patented mixing machinery capable of solving difficult mixing problems such as fine dispersions of powders and emulsification of immiscible oil/water mixtures. In addition, ARDE Barinco is the exclusive distributor of Pressindustria turboemulsifier systems manufactured in Italy by Pressindustira S.p.A. of Milan. ARDE Barinco, Inc., is extending an open invitation to manufacturers of products made with high shear, high capability mixing equipment to challenge their laboratory and pilot plant with difficult mixing problems.