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ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer and distributor of high capability industrial mixing equipment is proud to announce that it has moved to Carlstadt, NJ, at a 50,000 sq. foot prime industrial location approximately 1 mile from Giants Stadium. ARDE Barinco, inc., is a wholly owned subsidiary of ARDE, Inc., who is a manufacturer of propellant management systems and special pressure vessels utilized in the aerospace industry. Both companies will be located under the same roof at 875 Washington Avenue in Carlstadt, NJ, 07072. All of the phone numbers from the previous location in Norwood, NJ, will be carried forward for both companies. Approximately $1 million in capital investments for new equipment and infrastructure will be installed at the new location. ARDE Barinco, Inc., will be opening a new Demonstrating Testing Laboratory adjacent to its manufacturing operation. ARDE Barinco will have the ability to run mixing trials both batch and continuous from 250 ml. up to 5,000 liter batches (1200 gallons). Laboratory, pilot plant, and full scale production equipment can be demonstrated at this facility. In addition, ARDE Barinco has an extensive pool of loaner equipment that can be installed in the field for prove out trials. Official information on ARDE Barinco may be found at their website An extensive list of previous successful applications for ARDE Barinco mixers in a searchable, cross referenced list is available on the site. ARDE Barinco, Inc., and its predecessor company Barrington Industries, have been an American manufacturer of high shear mixing equipment for over 55 years.