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The ARDE Barinco Reversible Homogenizer is able to wet out, actively mix, and fully disperse bentonite fining agents in batches as large as 5,000 gallons in one hour of mixing time. No heating of the mixture is required to produce the desired "swell". Reversibility also offers major operating advantages when dispersing solids. First, the down-mode is able to draw in and wet out solids from the top of the vessel. Operators do not need to carefully meter bentonite into the tank. They can add bags of the powder as fast as they are able to. Second, the high velocity stream exiting the mixing head during the down-mode sweeps off the bottom and prevents any settling build-up. This sweeping action is not available with any other mixer. Finally, up-mode is able to provide high speed dispersion and repeated turnover of the entire tank contents to complete the mixing task in a very short time. The Reversible Homogenizer is able to perform the required mixing on bentonite in far less time without using heat because it is a much more powerful dispersion device. That is, it is able to separate and wet out the individual particles of water, they are able to use their surface area to perform the clarifying function. Major energy savings can be obtained since the mixing vessels do not require heating. In addition, the addition of the bentonite is simplified, which reduces the chance of operator error. Finally, batches of fining agent can be prepared quickly when they are needed. The winery does not have to carefully plan days ahead of time. The Reversible Homogenizer is available in sizes from 5 horsepower to 40 horsepower and can be installed in mixing vessels from 50 to 5,000 gallons for this application.