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A hot fatty organic acid containing 18-23% powdered Cadmium Oxide.


Cadmium oxide is a dark red powder that does not disperse well in this low viscosity (100-500 cps) fatty acid when using a turbine agitator in a 5,000 gallon process vessel.  The final product when cooled to room temperature looks like solid wax with particles of Cadmium Oxide ranging from 1/16" to 1/8".  These particles are actually very soft agglomerations of a fine powder.  Since a chemical reaction is occurring between the acid and the Cadmium Oxide, these undispersed specks do not react and give inferior final product quality.


The Reversible Homogenizer was able to substantially reduce the number of agglomerations.  The reaction rate and yield were increased.


Model C-3-1 Reversible Homogenizing mixer, 15 HP, 3600 RPM installed in tandem with existing turbine mixer.




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