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White pharmaceutical capsules.  Two steps:  (a) Disperse water dispersible Titanium Dioxide into water at 50% solids, 49% water and 1% wetting agent.  (b) Disperse above mix into heated gelatin/water solution.


Provide excellent dispersion for full color development without breaking gel.


(a) Placed mixer in water and operated in down-mode.  Added wetting agent, then TiO2 to vortex to prewet and predisperse.  Next, ran mixer in up-mode for 15 minutes.

(b) Dissolve gelatin in warm water.  Must maintain temperature above 55 deg. C or gelatin will solidify.  Place mixer into gelatin/water solution.  Operate in down-mode and add TiO2 dispersion into vortex.  Then operate mixer in up-mode until final dispersion is achieved.  NEVER add gelatin to TiO2 solution.  Above 50% TiO2 will cause flocculation.


SOLD C-1, 33" immersion, 3-7/8" rotor, 5 HP motor.




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