Item #: Detergent spray fryer feed
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A Model 6 x 3 ARDE Dicon in-line dispersing grinder is used at a well known detergent manufacturer to delump and pump a 70% solids spray dryer feed slurry for a 40% lower capital investment than a previously used feed pump/hammermill system. The delumped slurry prevents nozzle clogging giving improved spray dryer performance. Operating on 3 shift/day, 6 day/week basis, the heavy duty designed Dicon was able to avoid major maintenance costs of replacement screens and hammers. The patented toothed impeller and liner with 1/8" discharge grid plate provides positive delumping and dispersion while simultaneously pumping at 50 gallons per minute. By using the Dicon to delump and pump, a centrifugal pump was no longer needed. In addition, a higher percent solids mixture was able to be handled which provided energy savings in the spray dryer. Maintenance costs alone justified the purchase since this slurry was abrasive enough to require expensive parts and downtime on a regular basis.