Item #: Powder Induction Device - April 2000
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Effectively draws in and wets out powders directly into high shear mixing head

ARDE Barinco, Inc., of Norwood, NJ, an American manufacturer and distributor of high capability mixing, wet grinding, dispersion, and emulsification equipment is proud to announce the availability of the most capable powder dispersion into liquid batch process wetting out device introduced to the process equipment market at the turn of the century. The ARDE Barinco Powder Induction Device utilizes a high capacity axial flow impeller rotor/stator design to produce significant negative (vacuum) pressures within the high shear zone.

Repeated university research has proven that axial flow impellers are capable of producing four times the flow rate of competitive radial flow impellers for a given amount of required power. Hence, the ARDE P.I.D. can produce a positive force to draw and wet out powders that are placed in a conical hopper or directly drawn out of bags or individual bulk containers via a vacuum cleaner style nozzle.

The ARDE Powder Induction Device is available on ARDE Barinco Reversible Homogenizer style CJ-20, CJ-50, and CJ-75. These mixers are capable of producing batches from 5 gallons up to 1,000 gallons. ARDE Barinco has a pool of equipment available for trial installations at customer facilities or also within the fully equipped pilot plant demonstration facility in Norwood, NJ.