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MATERIAL:42% by weight dry powdered batter mix in water.


Dispersion of batter mix at 100 pounds per minute (dry basis) takes too long with batch mixing method. Batch feed tank to enrober and frying line must adjust viscosity quickly.


Model D-6000 ARDE Dispershear in recirculation loop to 100-1,000 gallon holding tank with propeller mixer.


Powdered batter mix immediately dispersed into water at correct percentage. No lumps allowed to form. Additional batter mix can be dispersed into the recirculation line to increase viscosity


Expensive batch mixer recirculation system. Each D-6000 Dispershear increased production 500% saving four times $45,000 capital investment


Immediate dispersion on the run allows for batch feed tank to never hold up continuous french fry line. Massive capital cost savings along with increased quality of dispersion. Ability to apply the correct percentage to the potato also saves $100,000 per year in overall batter costs. Note: Over 150 units installed in frozen potato industry in seven countries.


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