Item #: 07+12+05 - IFT - New Orleans
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ARDE Barinco, Inc., exhibited the new and improved Model D-6000 Dispershear.  Several design enhancements have made the new D-6000 Dispershear a far better machine for the food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetic manufacturing industries.  The powder feeding section will be much easier to clean and disassemble even after the problems of sticky powders occur.  The mixing chamber has been moved away from the electric motor in order to solve any problems with leakage.  Overall, the new design has been very well received in the food industry.  We also exhibited the new Model CJ-4E laboratory/pilot plant Reversible Homogenizer.  This small but heavy duty mixer is now even more well suited for the wet laboratory or for use as a small production mixer.  The fan cooled motor runs much cooler and, hence, many users find that the Model CJ-4E can help them make their small production batches in the 1-10 gallon area.  This is especially true for producers of flavor emulsions, specialty sauces, marinades and small beverage mixes.  Other small scale equipment for the formulator and pilot plant were also be exhibited.