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Item #: Inventory Reduction Sale
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SUBJECT: Inventory Reduction Sale
ARDE Barinco, Inc. a solely owned subsidiary of ARDE, Inc. which is a Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne Company Division of United Technologies announced on November 2, 2009 a 25% discount inventory reduction sale. All spare parts for the ARDE Barinco Reversible Homogenizing Mixers, ARDE Dicon In-Line Dispersing Grinder and also the ARDE Dispershear will be reduced by 25%. This will encourage purchasers to stock up on these parts at this attractive price level. Inventory levels will be adjusted and costing will also be adjusted in the following year (2010). These accounting adjustments will probably result in some higher price levels and some longer lead times for spare parts. These adjustments are necessary in order to bring the profitability required by the new parent company. ARDE Barinco still pledges to provide a continued high level of service including free technical service for the lifetime of the product lines. Technical personnel are always available to discuss and answer questions regarding operation and maintenance of ARDE Barinco mixing machinery. In addition, the factory located at Carlstadt, NJ, is available to do full factory repairs of all machines and field servicemen are available when required. These discounts are available November 1, 2009 – December 31, 2009.