Item #: 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER
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ARDE Barinco, Inc., recently completed redesign of its slurry grinding pump system. The new Model 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER slurry grinding pump can produce flow rates in excess of 600 gallons per minute while running at a slow, abrasion and shock resistant 1150 RPM. This patent pending device has a unique hydro-dynamically balanced pumping/grinding impeller that operates inside a special toothed grinding chamber with three separate discharge grid openings. The Model 10 x 6 MEGAGRINDER is designed with hydro-dynamic efficiency and resistance to abrasive action of lump slurries such are found in the hazardous waste handling industry, the paper (black liquor) industry, and the polymer manufacturing industries. The grinding chamber of the MEGAGRINDER is constructed of a heat treated, abrasion resistant, corrosion resistant, material for maximum life.