Item #: CJ-4BX
Our Price: $5,362.00


Air Operated Reversible Homogenizer for use with hazardous/flammable liquids. Optimized for 1 to 5 gallon batch sizes (3 to 20 liters) 16" immersion, 1.88" diameter rotor, directly coupling to 10,000 rpm motor and adjustable baffle plate. Wetted parts Type 316 stainless steel. Rulon mixing head bearing is impervious to acids and bases at temperatures to 280 deg. F. Includes 1/2 HP 10,000 RPM air motor, oiler, filter, and speed (pressure regulator) 100 psig @ 20 cfm. Support stand with anti-tip base and post providing 18-3/4" vertical travel, 6" horizontal travel and 360 deg. rotation. Weight: Net 32 lbs - Dimensioned per dwg. D9040. 
Overall dimensions:  18" L x 24" W x 44" H