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ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer and distributor of high capability, mixing, wet grinding, size reduction and emulsification equipment is proud to announce a totally new mixer Model CJ-2A Reversible Homogenizer. The Model CJ-2A is designed to prepare fine grain emulsions and solid particle dispersions quickly and efficiently in small batches. All results obtained with the Model CJ-2A can be scaled-up to significantly larger batches as high as 10,000 liters. Accurate scale-up utilizing a proprietary computer program developed by ARDE Barinco technical personnel can be utilized to predict results developed utilizing this extremely small high shear mixer. The Model CJ-2A has a 0.25 HP 15,000 RPM reversible motor. The Reversible Homogenizer has a unique down-mode that is capable of drawing and wetting out floating powders. The down-mode can also be utilized to re-suspend any settled solids on the bottom of the process mixing vessel. After all materials are incorporated with the down-mode, the mixer is reversed to the up-mode and a high velocity flow is impinged on an adjustable baffle plate. The baffle plate deflects the flow of liquid to the sidewalls of the vessel preventing aeration and splashing. Through adjustment of the baffle plate, small batches can be processed at extremely high shear rates without inducing aeration or splashing The Model CJ-2A Reversible Homogenizing mixer comes complete with a stand and reversible variable speed control box. Two stainless steel mixing containers (250 ml. and 600 ml.) are also supplied. ARDE Barinco, Inc., has a fully equipped test laboratory in Carstadt. There are also trained technical representatives located throughout the United States and at strategic international locations. Click Here for Informational Handout.