Item #: Bulk Mixer - February 2000
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SUBJECT: New mixing systems provides multimillion dollar savings in materials and transportation
                  Environmental wastes eliminated/worker safety enhanced.
                  Accurately mix 1,000 barrels per hour of drilling fluids "on the fly" at the drilling site.

A new patented process to efficiently mix drilling fluids has been introduced by Bulk Mixer, Inc., of Monroe, LA. Overall material savings exceeding 20% can be obtained by mixing accurate lab quality fluids at the drill site. Environmental waste disposal costs are almost eliminated since no bags or one time containers are necessary. The automated system combines polymers, thickeners, and other bulk powders that are transported to the drilling site in patented collapsible and reusable containers. The powders are quickly and completely dispersed utilizing the patented technology of the ARDE MEGAGRINDER shearing pump supplied by ARDE Barinco, Inc., of Norwood, NJ.

The Bulk Mixer system combines a unique design that manages the supply of bulk powder materials while eliminating the waste disposal costs normally associated with this process and an optimized mixing system that includes the ARDE MEGAGRINDER. Large quantities can be made just in time with the precise formula required. The MEGAGRINDER utilized a high speed heavy duty rotor/stator built of extremely abrasion resistant 17-4 PH stainless steel material. All lumps and agglomerations of powders are quickly smoothed out and incorporated into the batch. The correct viscosity is obtained every time. The bulk powder storage and delivery system meters the correct amount into the mixing batch without losses or wastes. Savings in transportation costs by producing at the drilling site can pay off the capital costs of the entire mixing system in one month. Savings amounting to as high as 10% of total drilling cost then continue for the life of the system.