Item #: PTFE scraper blade system
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SUBJECT: New PTFE scraper blade system requiring no metal or threaded parts.

ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer of specialty high capability mixing equipment is proud to announce the introduction of a totally new scraped surface agitator blade system. The specially molded PTFE scraper blades are self feeding so that they can be raised and lowered into straight wall vessels. No springs, screws, nuts, clamps, or cotter pins are required to affix these removable scraper blades to the anchor/scraper agitator frame. A continuous PTFE rod that does not utilize any metal or threaded parts is utilized to attach the scraper blade to a sanitary finished and simple pump system. Disassembly of the scraper blade system is also performed easily by pulling the continuous nylon rod. The ARDE Barinco proprietary design for scraper blades includes a unique stop that prevents the scraper blade from retreating too far and too close to the top rim of the process vessel when the anchor scraper is re-entering the process vessel. A cleaver bevel feeds the scraper blade off the top rim into the correct position. When the anchor scraper is operating, the scraper blade provides complete scraping with each full revolution of the anchor/scraper mixer. The off set arrangement provides a complete, overlapping and balanced scraped surface action. The anchor scraper system is reversible so that all following edges can be completely cleaned during the cleaning cycle. No crevices of dead spots are allowed to reside on following edges of the scraper system. This is very advantageous when working with sticky, viscous, or pasty type products. This totally new, patent pending proprietary system invented by ARDE Barinco is only available on the ARDE Barinco MAXIMIXER system.