Item #: CJ-4C - Solid State Controls
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ARDE Barinco, Inc., is now offering its laboratory/pilot plant model high shear reversible homogenizer mixer with solid state electrical controls. The control box varies the speed of the mixer from 0-10,000 RPM and also provides reversing capability. The reversible homogenizer has three advantages over conventional mixers and also competitive homogenizer mixers. 1. The down-mode (which is not supplied by other mixer manufacturers) can be used to quickly draw in and wet out difficult solids such as Carbopol, CMC, Vee gum, etc., to quickly form a smooth dispersion. 2. The down-mode also blasts off the bottom of the process vessel with the high viscosity stream removing settled out and stuck on solids. 3. The up-mode is able to produce very smooth dispersions and very fine grain emulsions in very short time since it is able to pump and recirculate the product at an extremely high flow rate while impinging the product upon the adjustable baffle plate and vessel side walls.