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ARDE Barinco, Inc. is very proud to announce an agreement with Pressindustria S.p.A. of Milan, Italy, whereby ARDE Barinco, Inc. will be the exclusive distributor for the Model TE-3 Turboemulsifier in the Western Hemisphere. ARDE Barinco, Inc., is an American manufacturer of specialty mixing equipment for the pharmaceutical, cosmetic, specialty chemical, textiles, food and other industries. ARDE Barinco, Inc., will provide sales and process engineering service along with maintenance and technical services assistance from its base in New Jersey. The Model TE-3 Turboemulsifiers will be built in Milan, Italy. ARDE Barinco, Inc., has hired Dr. Guido E. Moggio to lead the sales and marketing effort for this new product line. Dr. Moggio is a former employee of Pressco Engineering, which was the United States marketing arm for Pressindustria. The Model TE-3 Turboemulsifier from Pressindustria combines a high shear rotor/stator homogenizer capble of preparing fine grain emulsions and small particle size dispersions with a counter rotating scraped surface agitator capable of handling viscosities upwards of one million centipoise. The agitating system is enclosed in an extremely high quality stainless steel process vessel built to the rigorous standards of the pharmaceutical industry Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) standards. Sophisticated control packages for temperature, pressure, pH agitator speeds and other parameters can be supplied. By offering the highest quality, highest capability mixing machinery available in the would today along with United States based process application engineering and service, ARDE Barinco, Inc., will be giving the highest level of service to the industries which require this special mixing equipment.

UPDATE:  In 1988 the partnership between ARDE Barinco and Pressindustria was ended.  ARDE Barinco used much of the knowledge gained in this relationship to design and build our MAXIMIXER line of multi-shaft mixing systems with data aquisition package controls.