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Significantly reduce time required for "cold cutting" resin flakes and chips into solvent via grinding/dispersing/dissolving.


Customer was employing slow agitator for Product A and a "sawtooth" blade for Product B.

Product A:  Disperse/dissolve 3/8" dia. resin pellets and polyisobutylene (Shell "Vistanex") into MEK (methyl ethyl ketone) for adhesive manufacture.
The initial CJ-4B lab mixer test was run in the up-mode only.  The 3/8" pellets were drawn up, shattered and dispersed.  The amorphous Vistanex was "puddled" in and dispersed. 
A subsequent demonstrator Model C-2 mixer in a 55 gallon drum was handled differently.  Vistanex was placed in the bottom with solvent and the mixer run down-mode until dissolved.  Then it was run upward to disperse the pellets.

Product B:  Shatter/disperse/dissolve resin "flakes" (3/4" to 1" sq. x 1/8" thick) in Toluene.  The Model CJ-4B run in the up-mode only.  The "flakes" were dissolved almost immediately.


Product A, 300 gallon batch time was reduced from 3 days to 4 hours.
Product B, 1,000 gallon batch time was reduced from 1 day to 2 hours.


Product A, 300 gallon C-3-2 with 20 HP explosion proof motor.
Product B, 1,000 gallon C-5-2 with 25 HP explosion proof motor.


Agitator and "Sawtooth" blade.



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