Item #: 05+11+05 - SCC Show- Secaucus, NJ
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Laboratory and pilot versions of ARDE Barinco equipment that can be scaled up to full size production capabilities were shown.  The Model CJ-4E Reversible Homogenizer is a new and improved model laboratory rotor/stator mixer that has a totally enclosed fan cooled motor.  Also, the Model 2 x 1 ARDE Dicon in-line dispersing grinder and the Model D-1000 ARDE Dispershear were on display. 

ARDE Barinco equipment has been utilized by literally hundreds of manufacturers of skin care products, facial make-ups, lipsticks, facial masques, sunscreens,  hair relaxers, bronzing compounds and fragrances.  Technical home office personnel were available to discuss applications from the 500 millimeter batch scale to thousands of liters.