Item #: 10+25+05 - SCC Show, Long Beach, CA
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The new Model CJ-4E laboratory Reversible Homogenizer mixer was installed and operating on a 5 gallon batch.  This effective tool for formulation, research and development, and trouble shooting is of particular interest to the laboratory and research personnel in the cosmetic and personal care product industry.  A Model DH-050 Double Helixx mixer was also shown mixing an extremely viscous mixture.  Information and large descriptive photographs of the ARDE Cavitron, Dispershear, and MAXIMIXER was available for discussion.  All ARDE Barinco equipment is available in scaled down  versions that can be scaled up to full size production sizes.  Results obtained on the lab scale are useable for reliable scale up calculations.  These laboratory and pilot scale units are available for demonstrations at the fully equipped pilot plant demonstration facility in Norwood, NJ.  Loaner units are also available for full scale testing at client locations.  ARDE Barinco technical personnel and local representatives were available to answer questions and discuss cosmetic manufacturing process development applications.