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A mixing machine which disperses dry solids into liquids without incorporating air. The ARDE Vacuum Dilumelt. ARDE Barinco, Inc., an American manufacturer of specialty high shear mixing and size reduction equipment is very proud to annouce the invention of a totally new continuous mixing machine which is able to wet out powders without incorporation of air: The ARDE Vacuum Dilumelt. The Vacuum Dilumelt uses a unique and patented mixing chamber which allows for the addition of dried powders and liquids which are supplied at atmospheric pressure. Powders are simply added to a special powder hopper with vacuum feed metering device which supplied the correct feed of powder to combine with a controlled flowrate of liquid. Mixing takes place within a dispersion chamber which has a retreat sweep mixing impeller operating at 1800 RPM. Complete dispersion of the powder is effected while deaeration of the residual air in the powder is accomplished simultaneously. A completely dispersed mixture...totally free of lumps, without foam or entrained air bubbles is expelled from the machine at atmospheric pressure. ARDE Barinco will be exhibiting this machine for the first time anywhere at the Pharmaceutical Equipment Exhibition, Interphex, on July 19-21, 1988.