Model DH-7 Double Helixx Mixer
Positive mixing, dispersion and kneading action provided by 19" immersion, 6" overall diameter of counter rotating helical ribbon and double helical open blades operating at 0-350 RPM.
Heavy duty industrial finished construction with Stainless Steel mixing tools.
Carbon steel painted dual gear box attaches to 1000 watt variable speed electric drill power package. 110V, 60 cycle, 1 phase.
                                                                                                                                                                          Price Ea: $2,830.00
Additional for dial control on electric drill (Metabo) instead of trigger switch.                                                        $322.00
Additional for pneumatic "pistol grip" style air powered
motor requiring 80-90 psig and 25 CFM for 0-800 RPM
- 650 watt output capable of high viscosity applications.
(REQUIRED for utilization in areas with flammable materials.)                                                                             $172.00
Additional for spare T-304 S/S mixing tools.                                                                                                               $618.00
Additional for stand with 10" to 15" adjustable including
adapter rotating plate as shown in brochure (includes adapter).                                                                        $1,585.00
Terms: Net 30 days
FOB: Carlstadt, New Jersey   Quote valid for 30 days.
Shipment: 4-6 weeks following receipt of order.
If expedited shipment is required, please consult factory.
Subject to terms and conditions.
You may also refer to our MIXER FORM to make sure that we receive all of the details of your specific requirements.