High Shear Plus Scraped Surface Agitator Multi - Shaft Mixer (MAXIMIXER)

Volume: 150 liter maximum operating batch size with 3" extra free board.
35 liter minimum operating level for homogenizer mixer (anchor/scraper agitation can operate until vessel is completely empty).
Dimensions: 22" inside diameter with 3" deep ASME dished bottom head and 30" straight side. 
Heat Transfer: 2 zone 12 gauge dimple jacketed for heating/cooling at 30 psig. temperature probe with digital output.
Insulation: Vessel sheathed with 12 ga. T-304 S/S covering insulation
Finish: #4 finish on all interior and exterior surfaces. All welds ground smooth and flush.
Support: (3) 3" ASA T-304 S/S pipe legs with floor flanges with (4) bolt holes on natural centerline.
Bottom Outlet: 1-1/2" diameter flush bottom ball valve with 1.5" dia. tri-clamp style fitting 15" from bottom of valve to floor.
Cover: T-304 S/S, 3 separate functional divisions
1. Stationary semi-circle (opposite operator station) normally closed
2. Stationary middle quadrant with lip seals on all openings for mixers hinged cover on operator side.
Materials: T-316 S/S: Contact surfaces, cover, agitation system
  T-304 S/S: Jacketing
  T-304 S/S: Insulation sheath, legs, agitation support
 Teflon: Scraper blades/blade holding rods
(2) Separate Reversible mixers to provide upon demand:
1. High shear homogenization, dispersion, and emulsification.
2. Positive incorporation and wet out of floating solid powders.
3. Scraped surface agitation of heat transfer surfaces during heating and cooling.
4. Positive radial rotation of batch throughout high viscosity range.
5. Deaeration via axial flow to surface level baffle plate.
Configuration: Tubular anchor with one lower cross support on 2" diameter drive shaft.
Scrapers: (20) [estimated] PTFE (Teflon) scraper blades affixed to anchor provide ½" of over lapping scraping action on all heat transfer surfaces. Blades are attached to anchor by ½" diameter continuous teflon rods. No screws, clamps, cotter pins, threaded parts are required. Teflon resistance to temperatures over 280 deg. F to provide longest life in steam heat transfer service.
Operation: Reversible direction for scraping and cleaning at 25 RPM
Power package: 3 HP, 460 volt, 60 Hz, 3 Phase, TEFC wash down duty motor built to IEEE 841 high efficiency standard. (Requires motor starter or inverter)
Drive: Worm gear reducer through flexible coupling
High velocity flow mixer for dispersion of stabilizers such as carbopol, xanthan gum, CMC, pregel starch and other thickeners. Unique “DOWN MODE” operation is able to quickly draw in and wet out powders from the surface. By reversing to the “UP MODE”, the highest flow rate and shear rate can be exerted while eliminating air incorporation. By adjusting the baffle plate level, fine grain emulsions with droplet size distributions in the single micron area are possible.
Configuration: Model CJ-20-2 Reversible Homogenizing mixer, 33" immersion length, 4" dia., 3 blade rotor on 0.75" diameter shaft with Rulon bearing. Four support rods hold 7" diameter rotor housing with 7" diameter adjustable baffle plate.
Operation: Reversible direction flow for: fast incorporation of floating solid powders in
 down-mode; high speed (3600 RPM) homogenization, emulsification and dispersion in up-mode; atmospheric deaeration by operation in up-mode at intermediate speed.
 (Requires vari speed invertor)
Power package: 3 HP, 3600 RPM, 460 volt, 3 phase, 60 Hz, TEFC wash down duty motor.
  (Requires motor starter or invertor)
Drive: Direct coupled with stainless seal shaft couplings.
  PRICE EA: $94,777.00
Additional for NEMA 4X control panel with variable speed for 2 separate mixers. Panel is pre-wired to quick disconnect to mixer motors.  $16,188.00
Terms: 35% down payment, 65% net 30 days
FOB: Carlstadt, New Jersey  Quote valid for 30 days
Shipment: 10-12 weeks following receipt of down payment.
Drawings for approval submitted 3 weeks after receipt of down payment. Drawings must be returned APPROVED in one week or shipment date will be delayed.
Subject to terms and conditions.