Type 17-4 PH abrasion resistant stainless steel toothed impeller and liner. Ductile iron housing and 6" to 10" inlet reducer. Oil lubricated double bearing design with ball bearing mounted shaft. Deflection resistant 4140 steel shaft with stainless steel shaft sleeve.
Inlet 6" diameter to 10" diameter conical flanged reducer to 10" diameter pump casing inlet. Outlet 6" dia. integral to pump casing outlet. All flanges 150# ASA.
Solvent resistant and abrasion resistant double mechanical seal (Requires pressurization at 20 PSIG higher pressure than product side and 0.5 GPM flow of clean liquid) John Crane Type T81T with inboard stationary face-Tungsten Carbide; out board stationary face-Ni-Res--Stationary faces have Teflon seats. Rotating face assembly affixed to shaft sleeve with set screws and Teflon encapsulated Viton o rings; inboard face siliconized carbon; outboard face carbon. Operating at up to 150 psig and less than 280 degree F. Seal housing is able to accept most cartridge and flanged type seals as an option with minor modifications.
Coupled to and mounted on 40 HP 1150 RPM explosion proof (Class I, Group D) motor. For use on 3/60/230-460 service. Starter omitted. Unit mounted on a painted Carbon Steel base.
Discharge Zone 3/16" grid
PRICE EA: $65,777.00
Additional for T-316 S/S pumping housing and 6" to 10" reducer.  $13,011.00
Additional for mechanical seal cooling and pressurization system
with explosion proof electricals. Includes recirculation pump, heat
exchanger, reservoir, pressure gauges, back pressure valve and
pressure/flow switch preventing grinder operation unless system is on.  $7,978.00
Additional for 75 HP, 1750 RPM  explosion proof (Class I, Group D)
motor 3/60/230-460V.  $7,891.00
Additional for 100 HP, 1750 RPM explosion proof motor
(Class I, Group D) 3/60/230-460V (requires heavy duty base).  $11,347.00
Additional for cartridge seal (various designs from all suppliers are available). $7,010.00
Terms: 35% down payment with order, balance Net 30 days. 
FOB: Carlstadt, New Jersey  Quote valid for 30 days
Shipment: 8-10 weeks following receipt of down payment. 
If expedited shipment is required, please consult factory.
Shortened delivery can often be arranged.