Wetted parts Type 316 S/S. High frequency shearing nozzle rotor/stator system with 4 rotor rings and 3 stator rings intermeshing.
1/2 FNPT inlet and 1/2" FNPT outlet.
Double mechanical seal with viton o-rings on shaft for operation to 150 psig at 300 deg. F.
Ball bearing mounted shaft, 2 angular, 1 cylindrical in cast iron bearing housing oil lubricated.
Belt driven at 12000 RPM by 5 HP, 3600 RPM, explosion proof motor. For use on 3/60/230 or 460 volt service. Starter omitted. 304 S/S base.
                                                                                                                                                                       Price Ea: $42,728.00
Additional for mechanical seal cooling and pressurization system
with explosion proof electricals. Includes recirculation pump,
heat exchanger, reservoir, pressure gauges, back pressure valve, pressure
switch and flow switch preventing grinder operation unless system is on.                                                                           $7,978.00
Additional for installed double mechanical seal cooling and pressurization
system including recirculation pump, heat exchanger, reservoir,
back pressure gauge, back pressure valve, pressure switch and flow switch. 
Unit is installed on portable push dolly with Cavitron and 7.5 HP
motor starter (specify voltage). All necessary interconnecting
hydraulic tubing between seal system and seal is installed. Wiring
between motor starter for Cavitron and flow switch/pressure switch is provided
(8-10 week delivery).                                                                                                                                                                   $14,222.00
Terms: 30% down payment with order, balance Net 30 days.
FOB: Carlstadt, New Jersey   Quote valid for 30 days
Shipment: 9 weeks following receipt of down payment.
If expedited shipment is required, please consult factory.
Subject to terms and conditions.
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