Model 3 x 1.5
Wetted parts Type 316 stainless steel. Toothed impeller and toothed liner combination has 6 rows of 6 liner teeth meshing on 3 rows of 7 teeth on helical impeller providing over 6,480 grinding convergences per second at 0.030 inches tolerance. Discharge grid pattern is 7 rows x 7 rows of 1/8" diameter opening (49 holes). Consult factory for alternative grid configurations.
3" diameter conical inlet flange welded to 6" long stub having 3/4" NPT fitting with plug and 1/4" NPT with plug fitting with 150# ASA rotatable C.S. painted flange. 1.5" diameter conical outlet flange welded to 4" long stub having 3/4" NPT fitting with plug and 1/4" NPT with plug fitting with 150# ASA rotatable C.S. painted flange. High pressure capability disconnect flanges have viton o-rings where held to Dicon body by quick release clamps. Sanitary clamp style connections available.
Double mechanical seal with Viton o-rings on shaft for operation up to 150 psig at 350 degrees F. Seal requires 0.25 GPM flush and pressurization at 20 PSIG higher pressure than on process side.
Coupled to and mounted on 7.5 HP 3600 RPM explosion proof motor for use on 3/60/230 or 460 volt service. Motor starter is not supplied. Unit is mounted on a carbon steel base.
Dimensioned per dwg. E8003
                                                                                                                                                Price Ea: $17,223.00
Additional for solvent resistant PTFE o-rings on
Dicon and in double mechanical seal.                                                                                              $1,777.00
Additional for mechanical seal cooling and pressurization
system with explosion proof electricals. Includes
recirculation pump, heat exchanger, reservoir, pressure
gauges, back pressure valve and pressure/flow switch preventing grinder
operation unless system is on.                                                                                                          $7,978.00
Additional for installed double mechanical seal cooling and pressurization
system including recirculation pump, heat exchanger, reservoir,
back pressure gauge, back pressure valve, pressure switch and flow switch. 
Unit is installed on portable push dolly with 3 x 1.5 Dicon and 7.5 HP
motor starter (specify voltage). All necessary interconnecting
hydraulic tubing between seal system and seal is installed. Wiring
between motor starter for Dicon and flow switch/pressure switch is provided.
All controls and switches are installed in NEMA 4X enclosure (not explosion proof)
(8-10 week delivery).                                                                                                                           $13,704.00
Terms: Net 30 days
FOB: Carlstadt, New Jersey   Quote valid for 30 days
Shipment: 6-8 weeks following receipt of order.  
 If expedited shipment is required, please consult factory.
Shortened delivery can often be arranged.